iPhone security appz list





Firewall IP (cydia)


Now you can find on Cydia  the first iPhone firewall app ever! With Firewall IP you can manage and control all of outgoing connections because yep it’s a complete firewall for iPhone!

VIDEO: Firewall IP


Wuppy (cydia) :


Free Cydia app. It can  finds Alice and Fastweb WPA and WEP on certain access point and firmware versions. For more information click here




Snap (AppStore)


Snap it’s a super simple move and touch app for Lan or Internet scanning puroposes. With a single tap we can scan an entire network and then maybe find possiible accessibile services on the remote machines we found earlier.


Net Utility (AppStore)


It’s like an improved version of Snap. It has more features in a comfrotable menu but it’s not for advanced scanning.


iNet (AppStore)


iNet maybe it’s the best graphic tool for port scanning purposes. It’s more advanced than Net Utility and it’s ideal for a flash but  advanced scanning of our LAN.





Simple Vault (AppStore)


Need more protection than the standard passcode lock?The Vault adds a second layer of protection that allows you to store your private information in a safe place.If you let someone borrow your iPhone, they will be unable to access your safely stored information.Simply enter your master password and all of your private data is available at your finger tips.

Lockdown  (cydia)


Password protect your applications with Lockdown.



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